P. E. T. Bottles

For many substances, the P. E. T. Bottles is proving to be an unbeatable choice for packaging.

The P. E. T. Bottles are ‘Sensible’ because PET is unbreakable, and lightweight thus reducing the transportation cost and internal rejections. ‘Attractive’ because its available in various Shapes and colours ‘Environment friendly’ PET Bottle is completely recyclable, and light weight thus reducing the carbon emissions as compared to other products used for packing your products.

You make the liquids, we at Ishan Industries make the bottles just perfect to fill them in. Available in various shapes, sizes, weight and colours just perfect to suit your product. With our R&D research with the Polymer manufacturers we offer you P.E.T Bottles with oxy barrier properties thus making it suitable to fill your pharmaceutical liquids, agro chemical liquids, purified sparkling water, beer and spirits, and various other products.

Some advantages of P.E.T Bottles from Ishan Industries are mentioned as below:
Meet the USFDA and EU norms having DMF Numbers
Facility having Class 100,000 manufacturing and Class 10000 packing environment.
P. E. T. Bottles are Resistant to most chemicals and is an inert material
P. E. T. Bottles are available in various colour range
With single stage machines P.E.T Bottles have dimensional accuracy ensuring consistent fill
Uniform Wall Thickness and scratch free bottles
P. E. T. Bottles are hygienic and clean and thus reducing extra washing cost
Being light-weight we can save transport cost and also CO2 emmissions
P. E. T. Bottles are Non-toxic and Eco-friendly
P. E. T. Bottles are adaptable to heat-shrink or pasted labels
Eliminate breakage loss during trans-shipment
Better top load strength

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