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The thought and the philosophy adopted at Ishan Industries is “in order to grow and achieve success it requires a high amount of responsibility and commitments towards our customers, our employees and the society and neighbourhood to which we finally belong". It is only our responsible commitment along with hard work which will lead us to sustainable and profitable growth.

Our goal is to be responsible corporate citizens to the world we belong to. The policy of Ishan Industries’ is to carry out all business operations in synchronization with the industry ethics and standards. We believe in oneness, and do not differentiate between our employees or clients. It is our ideal methodology to give equal respect to our business companions. We achieve our commitments through complying with relevant legislations, adopting appropriate international standards and establishing management & value systems. The principles and value systems are ingrained in the organization and imbibed by our employees.

We aim to grow our business manner that is environmentally acceptable, safe and sensitive to the needs and concerns of local communities.

We look after and care for the environment around our operations
We empower and support our people to take individual responsibility
We value and foster positive relationships with all employees and their families
We contribute to and support the communities where we work

Water Purification, Treatment and Recycle
Silvassa is an Industrial area, because of which the drinking water received has a TDS level of more than 200. Ishan Industries has installed purifiers in all its manufacturing sites which purifies the water and reduces the TDS level to as low as 15 making it potable and safe for consumption of all its employees and associates.

Ishan Industries has also installed Treatment and Recycling system for water that is drained from the factory, so that it is safe and can be used for cleaning other purposes.

Ishan Industries understands that education is one of the major thrusts for the growth of the country. In order to promote this important factor for the growth of India, Ishan Industries sponsors the education of all the children of the employees with Ishan Industries. We also promote education by offering incentives and scholarships for students performing better than average.

Women’s Health Care
Women are stronger section of our society, yet they face certain health problems. We are sensitive to this issue and therefore conduct complete gynaecology check up every year for all the women employees in our family.

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